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What are you doing to keep your pets healthy? Regularly exercising your pet is extremely important. Why not clean your floors while also providing your dog with health benefits range widely, but include helping hip joints, reducing digestive problems, and keeping your dog and cat at a healthy weight, which decreases the likelihood of developing other health problems.

Exercise also helps control behavioral problems. Pets that are not given outlets for energy may develop destructive habits like chewing, scratching, or digging, be hyperactive, jump on people or start raiding your garbage bins.  Getting Your Pet active daily can help prevent these behaviors from starting and keep your home a happier one.

What Can The Active Rolling Ball Can Do For Your Dog?

The Active Rolling Ball is the ultimate activity toy for any Dog who has to much energy or seems bored with other toys. Wether you are at home but do not have enough time to attend to your dog right away, or find yourself away from home, perhaps at work, for the better part of the day.

The Active Rolling Ball was designed to help provide a fun and exciting activity for your dog – No matter their age or size. It will automatically move around in various direction to keep your Dog entertained for hours and will become their favorite toy! Works both inside and outside!

We obviously all Love our Dogs! So why not get a toy that will ensure your dog is not only active but gets in that exercise that will make sure they stay healthy!

Stimulates your dogs body and mind.

Prevents boredom, loneliness, and destructive behavior when you’re away.

Perfect for any size Dog! Built to last even for the roughest pets.

Comes with 4 Removable outer Shells that are washable/reusable.

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Package included:
1* Magic Roller Ball Toy (battery is not included)
4* Ball Toy bags(4different colors)

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