Cat Calming Collar Necklace

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SIZE: 15 inches in length, our calm collar fit for most cats and puppies, please choose the most comfortable length (?leave 2 or 3 inches for extra adjustment) and then cut the extra

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Made of lavender and chamomile with the soothing fragrances, imitates maternal pheromones?that helps your cat and puppy feel secure during thunderstorm, fireworks and social events

HOW TO USE: Open the package just before use, fasten the collar comfortably around your pets neck, not too tight. Cut off the excess.

LONG LASTING: The essential oil blend will begin to work in 1 hour and would lasting for 8 weeks

WARTERPROOF DESIGN: Our calming collar adopt waterproof design, you could not necessary to take off when your pet takes a bath, swims or go out in rainy day.

 Steps to Wear Calming Collar
1. Place collar around your pet neck, adjust the fit and buckle in place
2. Leave 2 fingers for adjustment
3. Get in the loop
4. Cut off and dispose of excess length

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