Cat Electric Ball Toy

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Name: Cat Electric Ball Toy

Material: ABS / silicone

Size: 43mm diameter

Weight: 40g

Battery capacity: 80mah


【High guality】Food grade ABS material, no pressure for cats to bite.

【43mm】43mm “claw control” is different from the traditional rolling ball size on the market, and is more suitable for the cat’s “sense of control” of primitive hunting

【Intelligent】In intelligent mode, you can wake up by patting, simulate the escape trajectory of prey, roll and hit obstacles, and then intelligently choose the route to avoid

【Quiet】Give the cat a strange night and give you a quiet sleep. 90% of the cache material package in the outer layer, rolling quiet, day and night, play if you want.

【Bite resistance and durability】Soft and skin friendly silicone wrap, in addition to rolling quietly, increases friction, and takes into account bite resistance and durability.

Package Included:

Cat Electric Ball Toy * 1, type-C line * 1

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