Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel

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Durable and hygienic material

The cat water fountain is made of 100% SUS304 stainless steel without BPA, will not cause scaling, doesn’t hold odors. Providing your pets with healthy and hygienic drinking water.

Rich in oxygen ions

The flowing water is rich in oxygen ions, ensuring that your cat can drink healthy and sanitary water anytime and anywhere.

Attract pets drink more water

Bubbling water is naturally appealing to your pets, helps your pets dinking more water. It is also containing more oxygen which is good to your pets. Best water fountain for cats inside.

Non-slip design

Non-slip design prevent pets from moving or knocking over the water fountain, no worries of water leakage due to scratch by your pets.

Make your cat fall in love with drinking water!

1. 2L large capacity, provide drinking water guarantee for pets.
2. 100% SU304 stainless steel material, bisphenol A free, safe and environmentally friendly.
3. Easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and can be washed.
4. Ultra-quiet water pump, standard and high configuration optional (continuous water supply and water shortage.
5. The fountain-style water outlet design can attract pets to drink more water, which is conducive to energy.).
6. 360° open drinking area suitable for cats and dogs.
7. Drinking water is also available in non-fountain areas to meet the drinking water needs of different pets and multiple pets.
8. Water storage structure design, there is water to drink even if the power is off.

Name: Stainless Steel Pet Water Dispenser
Color: stainless steel color
Power supply: 5V1A
Power: 1.5W
Line length: about 1.8m/70.86inch
Capacity: 2.0L
Material: 304 stainless steel
Packing: boxes
Single package size: about 24.5*24.5*10.4cm/9.64*9.64*4.09inch
Single package weight: about 0.8kg
Certification: CE/ ROHS/FCC

Packing List:
1*Water Dispenser

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