Cute Dog Blanket Tunnel

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Provide your cat with a warm and welcoming den!

This pet bed is great for naps or play. The unique design gives your pet a snuggly little den when zipped but unzipping gives your pet more surface area to play. It’s a perfect spot for your pet to hide when it wants to catch some zzz but it also gives them a sneaky little spot from which to pounce when they are feeling feisty. The fabric is ultra-soft and the pillow edge gives them a place to rest their heads while they doze. It’s great for any season and the compact size is ideal for travel.

Portable kennel and cushion in one

This unique fleece pet bed converts easily into a fun play tube tunnel or snuggly wrap for your dog, puppy, cat, or kitten.

Now your pet can enjoy a safe snuggly den and play place all to their own. When desired the foldable tube tunnel instantly transforms into an ultra-soft flat-lying bed for travel or crating.

Machine washable

You can wash it in the washing machine without damaging the material and thus allow your pet to always have a clean kennel

Material that retains cat hair

It is made of plush, which causes static and keeps cat or dog hair out, resulting in less hair in the house or apartment.

Suitable for travel

The lightweight and portable kennel is also suitable for travel or outings allowing you to take it with you anywhere!

Size: 90*57cm

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$49.99 $39.99