Dog Cooling Sofa Bed

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Veterinarian Approved Benefits

Beat Heat-Exhaustion

1 in 4 dogs are suffer from heat exhaustion. Our sofa helps cool your dog instantly using a thin heat-diffusing bottom layer. Perfect to keep your dog relaxed & comfortable and allows you to get on with your busy life!

Helps Calm & Relax

Fear of fireworks? Barking at the doorbell? Or just a simple case of the zoomies? The Cloud Sofa helps treat and calm your pooch through both mental & physical stimulation creating a more peaceful home environment.

No Destructive Behavior

A calm & relaxed dog is the answer to less destruction at home. Our sofa is veterinarian supported & approved to help your pup settle down. Say goodbye to broken furniture, equipment and anything else!

Cool-Off After Play Time

Heat-Diffusing Silk Technology

Cool down & relax instantly after play time with our unique cooling silk. Helps to diffuse heat quickly & efficiently lowering body temperature to a comfortable level.

Like A Fluffy Cloud

Premium Dog-Friendly Cotton

Made using a combination of super soft cotton & silk for maximum comfort & relaxation. All materials are veterinarian approved and 100% safe for dogs. 

100% Indestructible

Extra-Durable & Chew-Proof

Made to withstand extreme chewing & scuffling from even the most aggressive dogs. Hand-stitched to ensure quality is maintained in every sofa.

Frequently Asked Questions

S: 60x40cm | 24×16″
Puppy, Dachshund, Toy Poodle, Pug, Small Cavoodle, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian

L: 80x60cm | 31×24″
Large Cavoodle, Labrador, German Shepherd, Beagle, Boxer

Our sofas are made using premium quality materials designed to withstand chewing from even the most aggressive dogs. If your pooch is still able to destroy it, simply contact us for a full replacement!

We recommend hand-washing our sofas using a cold water cycle. You may also simply place the sofa in sunlight to dissipate odor.

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