Dog Sprinkler Pool

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Splash Pad is a unique water toy that provides your lovely pet with a cool paddling pool for outdoor play and bathing. The splash pad is foldable, easy to carry and easy to store. You will be laughing, watching your dog trying to eat the water spraying in the air, they really do love it.

Boredom Buster

Do you have a dog that misses you so much every time you leave the house, that the neighbours complain about the barking? Well.. the Splash Pad is a great boredom buster keeping your dog entertained for hours.

Multipurpose Use

Splash Pad has a variety of different ways in which you can use it. Children also love playing in the Splash Pad on a hot summer’s day.

Great Quality 

Splash Pad is made of high-quality 45mm thick PVC material. A non-slip pattern is used to prevent pets and children from slipping when paddling or splashing. 

Easy To Use

Another reason the Splash Pad is so popular is because of how easy it is to set up. Simply unfold and attach the garden hose and away you go.

Different Sizes 

Splash Pad comes in three sizes making it perfect for all dog breeds.

Great For Storage

The Splash Pad folds up into a small box making it very convenient and not taking up very much space.

A Unique Gift

For all you people out there, not knowing what to buy your fuzzy friend Splash Pad is the perfect gift.


1* Dog Water Mat

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