Interactive Dog Toy

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Natural Pet Stimulation!

The Stimulating Pet Toy is PAWFECT for play time with the doggos! It can help keep your fur-baby both mentally & physically stimulated for HOURS!!

The Pet Toy has a silent contact motion sensor! It automatically starts once your doggo or cat plays with the Pet Toy & will automatically stop if your doggo or cat stops touching it for a brief moment!

Plush Pet-Safe Material!

The Pet Toy has durable & plush TPR-Grade padding that’s designed to withstand strong chewers! The durable padding has been trialed & tested thousands of times to ensure that it can be safe for your pet to play with!

Rechargeable Battery!

The Pet Toy has a USB-Rechargable battery that can last for up to 2 days of fun time for your doggo or cat! It also comes with a complementary USB charging cable that can connect to any USB-Based Device (Laptop, Desktop or USB Adapter)!

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