Octopus Squeaky Toy

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Facts you don’t know:❗❗
⚠️Data Display 80% of dogs will have periodontal disease by the age of 3.
⚠️Only 2% of dog parents provide dental care for their dogs at home,which is crucial to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
⚠️Daily dental care helps fight bad breath, which can be a symptom of something bigger.
🧡Dogs are not only our good friends, but also our family,We should care for them with our heart.
💔A person’s year is equal to a dog’s seven years. You go to work for one day, it has been waiting for you for a week… 💖Please give him the best company.
Do you suffer from the dog’s anxiety, boredom, destroying furniture, unhealthy teeth or bad breath?

Try the funny Octopus Squeaky Toy! It is both a teeth cleaning toy and interactive toy to keep dog entertained and maintain dental hygiene at the same time.

THE DOG TOY OF 2021 – No Stuffing Plush Toys: 100% free stuffing design, which means that there are no hidden stuffing in our toys, your puppies can chew and play safely without worrying about swallowing or choking.

Squeaky & Crinkle INSIDE: This octopus plush dog toy has a screaming sound on the head and a wrinkled paper sound on the tail. This will immediately attract your dog’s attention. These funny squeaky dog toys have an irresistible crepe paper sound and will be a good toy for interacting with your dog, helping to do more exercise and reduce anxiety and boredom.


DURABLE TOYS: It is made of safe and high-quality plush polyester fiber, thick fabric with firm stitches, ensure they last longer for a mess free fun both for you and your pup. It is very suitable for cleaning teeth, you can also pass Clean your pet’s teeth naturally to help maintain dental hygiene.

Reminder: These toys are machine washable and easy to clean.

🐙Best Companion for Your Pets: Keep them entertained and busy for hours so you can sit back and pose with your best friends for hours of laughs.

Size: Length*Width=12.6″ * 3.2″
Weight: 2.1oz/pcs
Package Included:
2 Pack- Blue+Purple
2 Pack – Green+Orange
3 Pack – Blue+Purple+Green
4 Pack – Blue+Purple+Green+Orange
Q: Will my dog love this toy for sure?
A: This octopus plush dog toy has a screaming sound on the head and a wrinkled paper sound on the tail. This will immediately attract your dog’s attention.

Q: Can this toy be machine washed?
A: These toys are machine washable and easy to clean.

Q: What’s the material of this toy? Is it safe?
A: It is made of crystal super soft composite sandwich mesh, the fabric feels smooth, safe and non-toxic.

Q: What’s the advantage of this toy, compared with other dog toys?
A: This octopus plush dog toy has a peculiar shape and bright colors. It also features screaming sound on the head and a wrinkled paper sound on the tail, which all make it attract pets’ attention easily. Dogs can also clean their teeth very well while playing.

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