Outdoor Dog Water Jug 2.2L

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How does the water jug function?

The Outdoor Dog Water Jug comes with a built-in retractable water bowl. Just pull out the bowl and press the button to release your desired amount of water.

How do I fill it up with water?

Open the jug by twisting off the lid and fill it up with water up to your desired capacity.

How do I clean my water jug?

It is recommended to hand wash the Outdoor Dog Water Jug after every use with hot water and soap.

Is this size sufficient for larger dog breeds?

The Outdoor Dog Water Jug is perfect for all dog breeds and sizes. Holding 2.2 liters of water satisfies almost all breeds required daily water intake.

Does the water jug tend to leak?

The Outdoor Dog Water Jug has a leak-proof mechanism along with a cap to cover the water release button.

Is the water jug safe for dogs to use?

The BPA-free and food-grade materials are used to ensure that the Outdoor Dog Water Jug is non-toxic and safe for all.

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