Pet Nail Claw Cutter

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Do You Have Such Troubles?

😭Ordinary pet nail clippers can not see the blood line, easy to cut bleeding.

😨Pets have not trimmed their nails for a long time, breeding a lot of bacteria inflammation.

😖Pet nails are too long and scratch family members.

No need to spend money to go to the vet hospital to solvewe can also do it that 100% safe for pets. 

LED lead the way for safety
LED light illuminates the bloodline in nails and claws for easier and safe cutting experience!

Easy to Cut
The ergonomic handle of the clippers is non-slip, strong and light enough to hold comfortably in your hand. Stainless steel sharp blades that will quickly cut through excess nail. 

Built-in Nail File
Built-in retractable nail polish file located on the handle make your cutting experience complete! 

Nail Storage Box
The nail storage box prevents the irregular disperse of the cutting experience, easy to collect unwanted nails after the entire cutting experience.

Perfect for Pets
It helps you clean your pet’s dirty nails, cracked nails, and long nails, making your pet more healthier and cleaner. It is ideal for small medium large dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc.

How to Cut Pet’s Nails

1. Hold your pet with its back against its owner’s belly and hold its paws straight out.

2. Press your beloved pet’s paws to stick out the nails.

3. Shine the LED light on the blood line, place the blade outside the blood line of your pet’s nail and cut off the tip.



Different nail color, the effect of the light perspective is different.

Weight: 95 g
Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.8*4.8*2.3 cm / 5.8*1.9*0.9 Inches
Color: White, Green

Package included
Pet Nail Clippers*1
Button Cell*3

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