Pet Potty Training Spray

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Pet Potty Training Spray helps train dogs of all ages where to pot. Attractant pheromone scent, detectable only by dog’s delicate senses, encourages dogs to urinate wherever the product is sprayed. When your dog “goes” on the right spot, make sure to praise your dog!

A great solution for housebreaking a new puppy or dogs of all ages.

Continue spraying a small amount where you want him to go, let him sniff the spot and praise him when he performs.

Great for use on pee pads, artificial grass or any surface you prefer your pet to potty on; indoors and outdoors!

Long-lasting concentrated formula.

For best results, do not change the designated area while training.

Length of time required to train properly will vary with individual dogs


Name: Pet Potty Training Spray


Package Content: 1 x Pet Potty Training Spray

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