Professional Pet Nail Clippers

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With Pet Nail Trimmer Clipper your pet nails are beautifully trimmed, the scratches on you, furniture, doors, and walls are reduced. With such a nail clipper, each time they go to trim, they will stick out their claws and would love to trim their nails.Pet Nail Trimmer Clipper has a Precision cutting blade, made of hardened steel, the blade can cut nails quickly without causing pain!

Pet Nail Trimmer Clipper’s Ultra-bright LED lights help to illuminate the exact bloodlines of light-colored nails, allowing you to trim in the right position!

The magnifying glass of 5 times magnifies the nail and doubles as a nail catcher, which helps to grasp the nail clipper and facilitate cleaning!

Features: Use LED lights to find the blood line of the pet to avoid hurting the pet
Material: The handle part is made of ABS plastic, and the blade part is made of stainless steel
Color: orange gray

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