Pawfectly Safe™ Cat Harness And Leash Set

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“As a proud owner of an American shorthair, I love this harness. It has a comfortable, perfect fit and my cat doesn't mind wearing it. Its quality, coupled with adorable colors and the security it offers, makes it the perfect choice."

- Laura M.
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Discover the joy of safe outdoor exploration with the Pawfectly Safe™ Cat Harness And Leash Set. It is light and breathable, making it comfy while giving your cat the liberty to explore. Plus, its escape-proof design features ensure your fur baby's safety. Wave goodbye to unealthy boredom and give your cat the exercise and stimulation they need - safely. Order now, and let the adventures begin!

When your feline wears the Pawfectly Safe™ Cat Harness, say goodbye to escape-artist tricks. Its secure fit ensures that your kitty won’t slip away, giving you peace of mind. You’ll relish fun outdoor adventures together, knowing your cat is safe and secure.

Pawfectly Safe™ is crafted from velvet fabric that’s light and breathable. Your cat will barely notice it’s on. The softness means they’re relaxed and happy, which makes for a happy cat on your daily walks.

The step-in design of the harness makes it easy to put on in just seconds. Put it on, adjust the straps, and you're set. Your cat will be ready to explore the great outdoors faster, so you can enjoy more time together.

The reflective strips make your cat stand out in the dark. Cars will spot your kitty easily. No stressing over nighttime walks, as you both safely walk the neighborhood.

Pawfectly Safe™ comes in multiple sizes from Small to 3XL. Its adjustable straps ensure a snug and perfect fit for cats of all sizes and make it a great choice for growing kittens.

It features breathable mesh fabric designed to keep kitty cool, even on hot days. More comfort means longer, more enjoyable walks for both of you.

Pawfectly Safe™ isn’t just functional, it’s also stylish. Your cat will be the talk of the town in beautiful colors. Your fashionable feline will strut with pride, and you’ll beam with happiness.

Pawfectly Safe™ features sturdy and rust-resistant stainless steel hardware and durable fabric designed to withstand all your cat’s adventures. Enjoy having peace of mind with a harness that stays strong over the long-run.


Step 1: Unfasten and loosen the harness, opening all the straps, safety buckle, and Velcro.

Step 2: Place the harness on the floor, put your cat's legs in the harness openings, and wrap the harness around your cat's back.

Step 3: Adjust the straps for a comfortable fit, ensuring you can slide one to two fingers between the harness and your cat's body.

Step 4: Fasten the safety buckle and secure the Velcro, double-checking for a snug but comfortable fit.

Step 5: Clip the leash onto the D-rings located on the back of the harness.

Step 6: Give a gentle tug on the leash to confirm the harness is secure and comfortable.



(1) X Pawfectly Safe™ Cat Harness

(1) X Leash



Q1: What size should I order for my cat?
This product comes in multiple sizes. Each size has a different neck and chest girth range. We recommend measuring your cat's neck and chest girth and comparing it to the sizes provided in the size chart image below this FAQ section. If you’re unable to measure your cat, you can also pick the best size from the size chart based on your cat’s weight.

Q2: Is this harness escape-proof?
The harness is designed with escape-proof features. The sturdy D-rings and 360° rotatable swivel hook help ensure your cat won’t wriggle out of the harness. However, it's essential to adjust the harness properly for the best results, and the harness should fit snug but not too tight to prevent escaping.

Q3: How do I adjust the harness?
This adjustable harness comes with a quick-release buckle and adjustable straps. Adjust the straps like you would any backpack or harness straps until the harness fits snug according to your pet's size.

Q4: Can I use this harness for a small dog or rabbit?
Yes, this harness works great for small dogs and large rabbits as well. We recommend to measure your pet and choose the correct size based on your pet's neck and chest girth.

Q5: Is the harness comfortable for cats?
Yes absolutely, the harness designed to be comfortable for cats. It is made from soft, breathable fabric that is both comfortable and durable. It's designed to distribute leash pressure evenly across the chest and shoulders to reduce the risk of choking or strain and maximize the comfort and safety of your cat.

Q6: Can this harness be used at night?
Yes, the harness features reflective strips on both the front and back, enhancing visibility and safety at night.

Q7: How do I clean the harness?
The harness is machine washable (cold water / delicate cycle / air dry) and can also be cleaned by spot cleaning or hand washing. We recommend using a damp cloth with a mild pet-friendly detergent to clean the harness by hand and then let it air dry.

Q8: How do I get my cat accustomed to the harness?
Start by allowing your cat to sniff and inspect the harness, then gradually introduce wearing it around the house before venturing outdoors. Rewarding your cat with treats or play during the process can help them associate the harness with positive experiences.


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