Spinning Windmill™ Interactive Cat Toy

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Treat your cat to the toy of their dreams with the Spinning Windmill™ Cat Toy. The  Spinning Windmill™ rotates with the lightest touch and is perfect for swatting, batting, chasing, and interactive playing

The Spinning Windmill™ toy is designed to keep your cat stimulated and engaged for longer with its rotating movement, LED balls that light up, and catnip balls that your cat is sure to love. 

The center ball of the Spinning Windmill toy is perfect for massaging and chewing and is a great way to help your cat release energy, eliminate boredom, reduce stress and lower anxiety. And, it can also be used to clean your cat's teeth!

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✅ Attracts & Engages 

The Spinning Windmill™ features rotating movement, LED balls that light up, and catnip balls that are designed to attract your cats attention and keep your cat engaged for longer.

✅ Rotating Movement

The Spinning Windmill™ rotates at the lightest touch and makes it easy for your cat to spin, chase, swat, and play.

✅ Helps Cats Release Energy & Reduces Anxiety

The Spinning Windmill™ will stimulate your cat's natural playing and hunting instincts and is great for helping your cat to release energy, eliminate boredom, and reduce stress and anxiety.

✅ Great for Massaging and Chewing

The Spinning Windmill™ features a center ball that is perfect for massaging and chewing and is a great way to help your cat relax and be happy. 

✅ Designed to Clean Your Cats Teeth

The Spinning Windmill™ can be easily used to clean your cat's teeth. Just apply pet safe toothpaste on the center ball, and it will clean your cat's teeth as your cat chews and plays with it.

✅ Easy to Use

The Spinning Windmill™ features a strong suction cup base that easily attaches to any smooth surface. Just press down to attach the the Spinning Windmill™ toy and the let the fun begin!

✅ Durable & Pet Safe

The Spinning Windmill™ is made of eco-friendly and nontoxic materials that are safe for your pet.

Product Details:

  • Size: about 9.83 x 4.72 x 5.11 inches (25 x 12 x 13cm) 
  • Includes: 2 detachable balls with an LED light and Catnip ball
  • Suction cup that can be attached to any smooth surface
  • Available in 3 different colors
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