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Solar-Powered Floating Pool Lights

Solar-Powered Floating Pool Lights

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Solar-Powered Pool Lights: Illuminate Your Night with Fun & Ambiance

Bring your pool to life with our solar-powered floating pool lights! These versatile lights add beauty and ambiance to any pool, pond, fountain, or garden water feature.

Here's what makes them special:

  • Solar-powered & Automatic: Charge during the day and enjoy up to 10 hours of nighttime illumination - automatically! No need for batteries or electrical cords.
  • Enchanting Colors: Featuring 7 color options and 3 lighting modes, these lights create a mesmerizing display, transforming your pool into a nighttime wonderland.
  • Wide Application: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Enhance your pool, pond, hot tub, fountain, or patio. They can even be hung from trees or placed on your lawn!
  • Durable & Waterproof: Built with IP68 waterproof construction, these lights withstand any weather and can be submerged fully.
  • Versatile & Easy to Use: A small eyelet allows you to tie the lights to a ladder or hang them up. They are completely wireless and require no installation.

These solar-powered pool lights are a must-have for anyone looking to create a magical pool experience!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ray K.
Great Solar pool lights

I was surprised on how good the quality of the product is. Sturdy, thick plastic. After charging, the lights, the light was bright and colorful. Great selection of colors and patterns and the projection area is huge. Would recommend for all sizes of pools.

Felipe R.
Highly Recommended

We have a small pool in courtyard and this was perfect size to fill pool beautifully.

Kimmie's mom
Works great.

Great pool lights or string them up in your patio for an awesome led lighting effect. Either way you can’t go wrong! I can’t get enough of these lights. Sending them as presents to my family and friends.

Matthew V.
Beautiful light!

This pool light far surpassed our expectations. It charged fully in just one day, exactly as advertised. It truly illuminates the entire pool area, creating an ambiance akin to a lively celebration. Not only does this light provide practical illumination, but it also adds a beautiful and playful element, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the pool experience.

Christine B.

So my pool is approximately 30x18 and it is dark, two lights would be needed to effectively light my pool but it is very cool, depending on where you use it and the color inside ya pool will also will depend the results you will see but seems to work pretty well.